Thank you 2021 Evaluators!

Evaluators Not Pictured

Tyler Garcia

​Sandy Hancock
Pikes Peak Library District

Warren Peacock
WireNut Home Services

Jonathan Post
WireNut Home Services

Scott Van Ness
College of Business | UCCS​

What Does It Take to

Become an EICS Evaluator?


What Is the Program?

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado Excellence in Customer Service (EICS) program seeks to recognize, encourage, and cultivate outstanding customer service in the Southern Colorado region. Businesses vying for the award submit a 50-page application summarizing their actions in seven customer-service categories. A team of local professionals reviews each application and, if it meets specific criteria, visits the business for an in-person review.


What Are the Benefits for the Evaluation Team Members?

As past, current and future business leaders, your participation as an evaluation team member is critical to
our community. In a typical award year, you will get an insider view of three businesses and as a member of an evaluation team, you will grow your network plus gain insights from other members who bring

unique perspectives to the table. Finally, evaluators receive a free ticket and recognition at the A Night of Excellence Awards Gala (date and time to be determined).

What Is the Commitment?

We are acutely aware of the many demands on your time and make every effort to work around the
schedules of our volunteers. While the workload is based on the number of applicants, here are some
general insights:

  1. Each evaluation member will attend a half-day workshop to acquaint them with the program.

  2. You will be asked to do a review of each application assigned to your team. Typically, each team gets three applications and it will take about two to three hours for each review. This can be done offline and at your pace so you can work around other commitments. Timeframe: June

  3. You will be asked to attend at least one of the three to four hour on-site visits and provide a short, written summary of your findings.  The total time commitment is about 20 hours from June to mid-August.